Our Philosophy

The western society led to an increasing development of the medicine to an anonymised and technology-centered repair service. Medical factories emerged, forcing the individual to become the subject of an administrative apparatus, exposed to its preconceived processes.

Nevertheless, the contentment with a medical treatment results from the latest diagnosis and therapy, combined with an individual, humane and most of all insightful sphere. This is our offices guiding principle.

This is our personal conviction:

  • The health, safety and welfare of our patients is at the beginning of all considerations and scheduling
  • Personal commitment to the best interests of our patients being under medical care is our ambition.
  • We spend enough time for your anamnesis, clinical report and consultation.
  • Close collaboration and individual therapeutic strategies lead to an ideal treatment outcome.
  • We use the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic methods if reasonable.
  • The usage of diagnostic and therapeutic methods happens only according to individual and medical reasons, not economical ones.